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If you are a busy person who is unable to allocate regular time to classes or PT appointments, then this is for you!

The Programme is structured, with a bi-weekly Zoom Call with Sarah herself where your 2 week programme is delivered to you. This programme takes into account your goals and breaks down your exercise routine day by day so you have clear direction on what you need to do every day to get to the level of fitness you desire. Every session is specifically tailored to you and this programme is so different because there are no online videos to follow, you go off and hit it on your own schedule while checking in and remaining accountable. You have unlimited access to Sarah who is always available for expert advice, support and motivation while coming up with fresh new ideas to keep it interesting!

Check out the reviews for real results from real clients!


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Monthly Fee - £75 per month


Prior to participation in any class, clients are required to complete a Consent Form, a Physical Activity Questionnaire and a GDPR acceptance.
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Personal Training
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 19 reviews
by Andrew M. on Personal Training
Personal Training

I was sceptical about PT and PT Life Coach Online, having done this through gyms in the past where I was bored very quickly and felt like I was just going through the motions once a week - not the most motivating of engagements.

Then I was introduced to Sarah, and from our first conversation it was not about Sarah, it was all about me and my aims and goals. Once we had established this, Sarah built a realistic approach that provides all round coaching, conditioning, strength and endurance and built up gradually over time.

Sarah is not a once a week 30 mins coach she is there 24/7. She will help demo an exercise or offer advice, boost your confidence and her support and determination for you to succeed in a safe and healthy way, is infectious!

The key is to be honest with Sarah, if you are struggling let her know! She will help guide you through your journey to achieve your aims. I have achieved so much with Sarah, I now am running, which I have not done since I was I my 30s - I have just hit 50! I am fitter than I have ever been, mentally in a great place and achieving every single week, be it a little faster on my run, improved endurance or losing weight.

Communicate with Sarah, explain your goals and let Sarah build the plan, you will get there with some fun, challenges and occasionally the odd delivery will arrive such as a kettle bell or a roller. All part of Sarah’s PT to help achieve you goals.

I have lost almost 5 stone in weight, my waist has reduced by 7 inches and I am getting lots of positive comments from others.

Don’t hesitate… just do it.

by Andy Moffatt on Personal Training
Location: Northwich, Cheshire

Sarah, is a great coach, personal trainer and confidence booster.... I managed to run 2.5km today as part of my morning 5km walk. Something I never thought I could do 6 months ago. Sarah has spent time understanding what I wanted to achieve, learned about what I was struggling with and put a plan together with training to support my goals. So together we did it I ran.... I’m just getting started and with support of Sarah I will achieve my goals. Thanks Sarah 😁.

by Paul Miller on Personal Training
Location: Fulbrook

Sarah is an excellent teacher. I did decide that having a PT was not for me as I prefer to stcik with my home daily yoga practice but she was able to get me fitter again after some Covid-19 related 'relapsing'.

by Carl Harris on Personal Training
Location: Stonesfield

My wife bought me some PT sessions with Sarah back in February as an early birthday present :-0. My main goals were to improve my fitness and to lose some weight. The initial sessions with Sarah helped me immensely as I was able to work safely without injuring myself (which was a tendency since slipping into my 50s). I continue with the PT sessions today although less frequently but the flexibility Sarah offers here is great. My fitness level has vastly improved since February and I have lost over a stone. Thanks Sarah.

by Niamh on Personal Training
Location: Fulbrook

Sarah is fantastic, I have had no opportunity to do any fitness classes in years and saw Sarah had opened close to us, I thought now was my chance. I do a PT once a week and it has really helped my energy levels I love it feel so much better for it. I was worried at the start as I thought I was so unfit but Sarah quickly put me at ease and reminded me I was more than capable. Thank you

by Mel Bradley on Personal Training
Location: Milton Under Wychwood

Really glad I did the C9, having put on a few pounds in the lock down I wanted to shift them, I'm so glad Sarah persuaded me to do the C9, it's worked really well as I managed to lose 3kg, she gives you plenty of support through out so you are never alone doing it.

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