Personal Training

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Personal Training

If you are a busy person who is unable to allocate regular time to classes or training with a Coach once a week, then this is for you!

Train on your own terms and at your own convenience. 

I offer two virtual programs, see details below and then check out my reviews for real results from real clients.


The PT Life Coach Method

This is a personalised programme that is structured but so flexible it will mould around any lifestyle. This programme works with the goal of improving overall cardio fitness and strength and breaks down your exercise routine day by day, so that you have clear direction on what you need to do every day, to see the improvements you desire. This programme is so different due to its flexibility because you go off and hit specific recorded sessions on your own schedule while checking in daily and remaining accountable to your Coach. You have unlimited access to Sarah who is always available for expert advice, support and motivation when you need it and the sessions are short and sharp yet effective to keep you engaged and avoid being a drain on your time. The structure of the sessions are designed to keep you burning calories all day long.

There are limited spaces on this programme to ensure you get the full attention of your trainer.

Cost: £100 per month (includes Virtual Monthly Class Pass)

Contact me today for more information.

Virtual Class Pass

Workout from home at your convenience and on your terms.

Short and effective On Demand fitness sessions that compliment each other make this programme achievable even for those with the tightest time.

  • Workout anytime and on your terms following structured sessions to work all muscle groups
  • Fitness Community Group & Support Network

Cost: £25 per month 

Visit my Virtual Class site NOW and sign up for your FREE trial


Prior to participation in any class, clients are required to complete a Consent Form, a Physical Activity Questionnaire and a GDPR acceptance.
Please click the button to complete these forms electronically. 

Client Reviews

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Personal Training
Average rating:  
 26 reviews
 by Emma Murphy
Location: Charlbury

Highly recommend! Sarah is a lovely person very easy to talk to and her motivation is infectious. Her training sessions (I do hiit with weights, hiit classes and charlbury run club with Sarah) are second to none and I have seen results in my body changing shape in a good way and improvement in my fitness in a way I have never achieved before. Her classes are so well planned different each time with a hand crafted excellent playlist which goes with the flow of the exercises. The communication is exceptional with what's app motivational groups and Sarah is always on hand to answer any questions and give you plenty of encouragement.

 by Cheryl
Location: Milton under Wychwood

The Virtual Class Pass is brilliant, there are 4 different classes every week and you can do them whenever you want as often as you want. I'm not able to use weights but it is fine to do the classes without them. I also have a specific back problem and Sarah has given me alternatives to certain exercises via direct message. She offers a great service and I would heartily recommend the Virtual Class Pass.

 by Kat
Location: Enstone

I've really enjoy my virtual class pass as I can do the workouts as and when I find time with my children and my job. When I'm feeling stronger I can do more than one class per day as they're short but feel very effective. I'd recommend Sarah's monthly pass to anyone who leads a busy life and cannot commit to live classes. I also prefer not to have a camera watching me for a workout! The variety is another good reason to chose this pass, you can chop and change however you like and work different areas of your body. It doesn't get boring unlike some dvds I have tried.

 by Donna Howarth
Location: Nuneaton

Sarah sent me the tight legs video and it was very easy to follow, the moves were nice and slow and well explained, she took her time so it was easy to keep up and the stretches were well thought out and you can really feel them working. Sarah has a lovely soft voice that is both relaxing and welcoming, it made me feel like she was just addressing me! Not only do my legs benefit from the stretching, it also means i can escape for 30 mins for some much needed me time. Sarah is well worth checking out as she really knows her stuff...

 by Amanda Cooper
Location: Surrey

I was recommended to Sarah by a friend last year, I was in a bad place at the time and I was really struggling to look forwards rather than backwards following some life changing circumstances. My weight had spiralled and I felt totally out of control in relation to my health, my fitness and my life! Sarah helped me find structure and a strategy for me that helped me stay sane. I know exactly what I need to do when with no stress to stay in shape, I have lost almost 4 stone and the set up of how Sarah works really suits my lifestyle. As CEO of a large company, my time is very limited, and the sessions themselves are tough, but also varied and time efficient and I can easily pop them in to my day eliminating the feeling of constantly failing through not achieving. Sarah really is the Queen Bee of home workouts and I will be forever grateful for her incredible (and fun!) impact on my life. Thank you for getting me on track and keeping me there Sarah!

 by Lauren
Location: Norfolk

I have used the stretch-tight legs video twice now after my runs. I have definitely not been as tight and found my recovery has been quicker. Fantastic 🥰

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